Tax Incremental Financing

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Tax Incremental Financing, originally meant as an incentive to redevelop abandoned urban areas, soon became just another source of public subsidy for private gain as developers and politicians learned to manipulate the system. During my time living in Madison, I saw the same handful of developers receive TIF funding again and again, mainly to build upscale condos and high-end student housing.

Recommended Reading

The Great American Jobs Scam

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The Great American Jobs Scam: The Corporate Tax Dodging and the Myth of Job Creation by Greg LeRoy , should be required reading for all local and state officials. Completely demolishes the myths surrounding corporate subsidy in its many forms.

From the web site: ’Here is the secret history of our economic times, a tale of public larceny told plainly and painstakingly and also with a dash of mordant humor. Our erstwhile corporate benefactors have taken us all for a ride. This book is the first step on the long road back.‘ –  Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter With Kansas?

The book is available for purchase, or you may read the book in its entirety at the web site linked above.

Links to Different Points of View and Questions Regarding TIF Districts

"The multiplier effect is the last refuge of a dishonest economist." - Ed Lotterman, Economist

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