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This Cambrians for Thoughtful Development site originated in late November 2002 and has undergone a facelift or two since its inception. The current design serves well enough I suppose, ’though I often think I'll wrestle with a better way to present the growing number of items.

The code is written keeping a number of goals in mind including logical structure, separating layout from content, accessibility, ease of maintenance, and so forth. I use Cascading Style Sheets and valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional code. When I'm writing the actual code and viewing results, I'm seeing the site in a sans–serif Verdana font. Verdana is the 1st choice in the style sheet font–family selector ’though other sans–serif fonts should be readable as well.

I wish to thank the makers of Bookends, Sonny Software , for the excellent bibliographic application which makes it possible to keep track of the vast amounts of information we've collected over the years. And last but not least, Bare Bones Software . I've run some version of their BBEdit text editor on every Mac I've ever owned. Whenever there is something new that needs doing with BBEdit, I find that the capability has been waiting there for me all along.

This web site is coded and maintained by Oscura, a trusted name in nom de 'nets since 1997.

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